Additional services
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In line with international transportation with different means of transport POLYCUBE is ready to offer the following additional services to our clients:

Custom clearance in EU;
Custom formalities (EX1/T1) are usually arranged in the country of origin or in the country borderline the EU/CIS countries (Poland/Lithuania). Having a long-term and efficient cooperation with reliable and qualified custom agencies in Europe allows to avoid mistakes in a processing stage which eliminate the risk of further problems with shippers

Custom clearance in Belarus and Russia;
Сomprehensive strategy for international transportation provide for custom clearance service. We are interested in a quick and qualified custom clearance no less than our clients because it gives an opportunity to preserve a price-to-quality balance. POLYCUBE cooperates with the leading customs agents and offers custom clearance at the Russian and Belorussian custom points including Smolensk, Moscow, St. Petersburg; custom clearance in Minsk region.

The warehousing service in EU include:

  • handling operations;
  • temporary storage of cargoes at the consolidation warehouses;
  • export documents arrangement (CMR, TIR, T-1, EX-1);
  • photo- and videofixation of warehouse processing;
  • cargo consolidation;
  • weight control;
  • packing and repacking, labeling, etc

Сargo insurance;
Insurance allows to recoup for damages regardless of carriers or forwarders culpability.
We are cooperating with the leading European insurance companies and we are able to arrange your cargo insurance at a competitive tariff.

International Commerce and logistics consulting;
International Commerce and logistics consulting – is one of the most perspective activities of POLYCUBE.  Consulting is aimed at a price-to-quality balance which client faces while import/export operations and includes:

  • Suppliers searching and sourcing;
  • Foreign trade contract analysis against international trade and customs legislation;
  • Logistics and customs cost-price analysis, etc.;
  • Support in a formation of a foreign trade;
  • Consulting in each step of the documents arrangement;
  • Export/import operations.